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Despite their cute appearance, Sugar Gliders are exotic animals that require special care. In order to maintain their health and prevent health problems, they require specialized diets. Gliders also need their enclosure/cage filled with enrichment activites to keep them both mentally and physically fit. 

Alyssa P., ON

"We love our Sugar Gliders. we were treated with respect and care and we were given the knowledge we needed to maintain safe and healthy gliders. they came neutered, and it was easy to tell they were well loved. I highly recommend Georgian Bay Sugar Gliders. Thank you for everything♡"

Jessica H., ON

"Such a great experience! Carey is so knowledgeable and made the adoption process so easy! My babies are so sweet and we're all so in love already!"

Emily R., ON

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful service you provided. The meeting far exceeded my expectations. you have been very helpful with any questions I have, and so very accommodating. The sugar gliders are very lovely and you can tell they have been used to being handled! I can't express enough my gratitude to you. I will definitely be coming back for any future sugar gliders and I truly will recommend you to anyone looking to add sugar gliders to their family!"

LeeAnn J., ON

"Friendly, beautiful sugar gliders. Carey the owner made the aoption a great experience. She hand raised these two beautiful babies and they are so affectionate and loving gliders, I'm sure all the gliders are exceptionally socialized. Carey is definitely a sugar glider breeder you want to adopt from."
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