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Our Story

We are a mother-daughter duo located in Petengauishene, Ontario. By day, Carey is a passionate kindergarten teacher; by night, she is a sugar glider momma. Erin is a 4th-year psychology and criminology major at the University of Toronto. She spends her spare time designing toys and researching glider enrichment activities. Our adventure began a few years ago when we adopted two Joeys, Pip and Milo, from Dawn, the owner of Canadian Sugar Gliders. The moment we met them, they captured our hearts and minds. After spending countless hours observing and interacting with them, Pip emerged as a cuddle bug, which helps relieve the day's stress, and Milo is a glider on the go and looks forward to exploring the changes we make to their enclosure. Both, of course, love to hunt and devour their nightly treats. When Dawn made the difficult decision to retire from breeding, she reached out and asked us if we would be interested in continuing her breeding program. This was an honour to us as, at that point, she was the longest-running breeder and sugar glider supplier in Canada. We couldn't have asked for a more experienced and attentive mentor. We highly recommend visiting her online store at All of our gliders that live and are raised in our home are treated as pets first and are provided with large enclosures and a playroom of their own. As a result of our extensive hours of bonding with each breeding pair, they have trusted us to handle their Joeys as soon as they leave the pouch. This helps us raise healthy, happy and well-socialized Joeys. Watching our sugar glider parents care for and teach their Joeys has been a wonderful experience. We want to introduce these magnificent creatures into loving homes across Canada.

Carey, Owner of Georgian Bay Sugar Gliders
Erin, Owner of Georgian Bay Sugar Gliders
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